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Because this platform is an agent platform and the task is to assist merchant platforms and shopping malls to have a good record , every transaction needs to be a real but you don’t have to worry because the money stays in your account and you have complete control over it. You can also withdraw it at will. You won’t have to send it to anyone or anything like that.

Recharge is to allow you to complete the task orders on the platform. After completing the task orders, you will also get rewards from these merchants and malls. After you deposit the funds in your account, the platform’s funds will be strictly monitored by a third-party regulatory agency. Therefore, the funds are not controlled by the platform , but held by third-party institutions which is makes it safe and secured in your account and can only be accessed by yourself as the real account owner.

At first the platform used to offer free services but most people never took it serious. When you pay for something, you assume that the value at least equals the cost. In fact, some products offer a money-back guarantee. A money-back guarantee helps people look past the price and focus on what the product will do for them.

There are 8 levels in this platform with different price commodities . Therefore, the deposit standard of each level is different for each level because it corresponds to task orders with different commodity prices in different lecele of the platform. The higher the price of the commodity, the higher the commission after you complete the orders.

Level 1 is the experience level and has a minimum recharge of 50 USDT.

Level 2 has a minimum recharge of 100 USDT.

Level 3 has a minimum recharge of 300 USDT.

Level 4 has a minimum recharge of 600 USDT.

Level 5 has a minimum recharge of 1500 USDT.

Level 6 has a minimum recharge of 3000 USDT.

Level 7 has a minimum recharge of 7000 USDT.

Level 8 has a minimum recharge of 8000 USDT.

This platform is not an investment platform. It is a work/agent platform and you earn money from commissions gotten after completing pending orders.

First of all, you can make money on the platform in two ways: static and dynamic. Static belongs to level 1 or level 8, which is to earn commissions for helping merchant’s complete orders. The second is dynamic: Money is earn this way from the platform together by referring people to the platform.

If the commission for completing an order at level 2 is 0.65%, and the commission for completing an order at level 3 is 0.7 %, the higher your level, the more orders you can complete each day.

The platform is to help online shopping malls complete order tasks and get commissions and then distribute commissions to agents.

This is not an investment platform, but a job, a platform that helps online shopping platforms complete orders and get commissions. I've been working on the platform for three years, and my aunt's team has grown to tens of thousands of team members. So your problem is not a problem at all. We have come a long way for me to completely turn my back on you if something happens to you. You absolutely have nothing to worry about because you won’t lose your money but for the benefit of doubt and to answer your question sincerely, we will reimburse your every penny.

Like I earlier told you, commissions are gotten from prices of the products completed and product type is determined by your account balance and current level. After you top up $50, you will reach level 1. If you complete an order in the Level 1 worth $50 with a commission rate of 0.6% it will be $50x0.6% = $0.3 per order, since level has a maximum of 8 orders it simply makes $0.3x8 = $2.4 total. Therefore in that case you can make $2.4 for a start everyday just by completing orders which is absolutely amazing for a job done in less than half an hour. Think about how much it will be for a week, month, year.

This platform has been in existance for approximately 3 years now. It has accumulated more than 4 million agents so far ranking her as the fastest growing and most stable platform in all the same industry. In 2020, the platform won the most promising platform in the world from the American Consumers Association.

This platform does not need to recharge the registered account . But if you want to become an agent and help online shopping malls complete orders and get commissions, you need to top up your account.

The amount you recharge is different, the price of the matching product is different and the commission you get is also different for all the levels of the platform.

Because this platform is to help affiliated online shopping platforms and malls to increase sales, every transaction needs to be a real and transparent, so this is why you need to recharge.

This is a hard requirement of the platform , TP shop is cooperating with Token Pocket, first of all Token Pocket is more secure, plus it can be top up and withdrawn quickly.

It is It is simple and direct. You can google search more information about the security of Token Pocket cold wallet.

This platform is an innovative platform, in fact, it’s essence is to help businesses advertise.

Do you know that since the pandemic spread around the world, online platforms have generally achieved rapid growth? Such a platform combines the advertising needs of businesses with the work needs of ordinary people.

This platform takes advantage of the rapid development of the Internet and provides ordinary people with high-quality jobs at the lowest threshold. This is the reason why this platform is growing so fast. The most profitable way of thinking in this world is the integration of resources. Whoever masters the resources will gain wealth.

Each agent joins the platform , and the platform will regularly evaluate the agent. As long as the agent does not pass the assessment, it will be eliminated by the platform. So when you invite new people to join the platform, be sure to teach the new agents the right knowledge. Newbies cannot be deceived. This is not allowed by the platform. As long as you offer a sincere, positive invitation, I'm sure you'll be a great team leader in no time. I will send you some video material. You learn first, then you can share it with your friends.

As long as you upgrade according to the different ascending levels of the platform, you will get the highest benefits. Each level of recharge corresponds to task orders with different commodity prices. The higher the commodity price order, the different commissions you will receive after completing the order.

The growth of the platform depends on the support and trust of the majority of agents. Therefore, the operation of the platform is very rigorous and creative. Of course, we also need to work together.

It depends on your level, the higher your level, the higher the daily income you will get. The top-up standard of each level is different. The top-up of each level corresponds to task orders with different commodity prices. The higher the price of the commodity, the higher the commission after you complete the order and as such the higher the commissions earned.

You can choose to invite friends or not , it is your decision. The platform has 8 levels, and the requirements for each level are different. You only have to keep upgrading; you can get bigger profits. The rules of the platform are fair. The higher the contribution to the platform, the higher the reward given to you by the platform. But you must understand that the growth and success of such platforms depends on their agents who rapidly complete the pending orders provided by merchant platforms and shopping malls for rapid services, delivery and customer satisfaction so they can always have more deals with more merchant platform and maintain a standard of excellence and accurate performance so that “a satisfied customer will always come back again”.

You can choose to exit the platform , and the platform will also assess you . If you fail the assessment of the platform, the platform will also eliminate you. The reason why a platform grows and develops must be as a result of the two-way choice between the platform and the agent, and it is also a community of interests. Only when everyone's interests are the same, can long-term cooperation be possible. So deposits and withdrawals are completely free. If deposits and withdrawals are not free, do you think the platform will develop so fast?